The Sex & The City Tour

Chauffeur driven tour
Departs 3 times a day
Duration - 3 hours (approx.)
Meeting Point - (Map) In front of Pastis - 9 9th Avenue (8th Ave-14th St Subway – A, C, E, L)
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The Sex & The City Tour

Sex and the City Walking TourTake a chauffeur driven tour through the real life locations made famous by Carrie and the girls in the hit show Sex and the City! See where they live, work, party, and fall in (and out) of love. Much of SATC was/is shot on location in New York’s über-cool Greenwhich Village and Meatpacking District. It makes perfect sense then to visit these streets on foot just like Carrie and the girls, but with an expert local guide keeping you in the picture, better than being trapped on a coach we say!

Chauffeur Driven Tour

Celebrity Planet's chauffeur driven tours are a luxurious but affordable solution to sightseeing in style. We take you away from the crowded streets and buses on an intimate tour guided by your professional chauffeur, who gives you personal attention and courtesy throughout the experience, including hotel pick up/drop off and numerous photo oportunities. Make no mistake, it's just you and the chauffeur, there is no better way to travel!


On this 1.5 hour walking tour you will see:Sex and the City Walking Tour

  • The restaurant where Carrie had lunch with ‘The Russian’ Aleksandr Petrovsky and his snooty, uptown New York type friends
  • New York’s newest, coolest hotel made infamous by hotel guests giving voyeuristic displays behind the floor-to-ceiling hotel windows
  • The Mexican restaurant Carrie dragged Miranda and Steve to in a disastrous attempt to get back together with Aidan
  • The Greenwich Village bakery whose ‘to die for’ cupcakes were featured in the show
  • Carrie’s famous stoop (front staircase) where you have seen her trip up, flounce down, and chat with Big and other boyfriends
  • The sex shop that led to Charlotte developing a ‘Rabbit habit’
  • The beautiful garden where Miranda and Steve got married
  • The Asian fusion restaurant where the stars of Sex and the City eat when on location
  • Stroll along the High Line, New York’s new urban park set atop an elevated former railroad track.
  • The popular night spot where Carrie bumps into Big and his supermodel date
  • Carrie’s favourite shoe shops, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo
  • The oldest acting school in the English speaking world, attended by SATC's Kim Catrall and David Eigenberg (Steve Brady)
  • The Church where Samantha met the Friar
  • The theatre company where Sarah Jessica Parker first met Matthew Broderick
  • The art gallery where Charlotte works
  • The speakeasy where scenes from Scout, the show's popular bar, are shot.
  • The flagship store belonging to SATC’s costume designer • And much, much more…


Sex and the City and all related characters are the property of Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, Sex and The City Productions, Inc., Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. The Celebrity Planet is in no way associated with the aforementioned companies. The content is assumed to be within the realm of the Public's Right of "Fair Use" and no copyright infringement is intended.


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